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The Herb Farm Gift Shop contains a unique array of products that demonstrate the versatility of herbs to flavour all manner of culinary items. For example:

Mint Sauce
Tarragon mustard
Chamomile and Spearmint tea
Basil crackers
Dill sauce
Purple Basil jam
Sage and Onion stuffing
Garlic and Parsley bread sticks
Rosemary jelly
Mint and Garlic pickled onions.

The aromatic properties of herbs are of course equally notable and have been valued for centuries. They are a popular ingredient in many modern toiletries and skin care products, such as:

Rosemary and Nettle shampoo
Verbena soap
Fragrant pillows
Garden Mint and Bergamot handwash
Swiss mixed herb throat sweets
Rose facial oil
Lemon and Coriander deodorant
Spicy mug mats.

The name Lavender is believed to be derived from the Roman word lavare, meaning "to wash" as the plant was used to scent water that was used for washing and bathing. We stock a huge range of Lavender-based products ranging from soap and hand cream to soothing bath oils and balms.

And we also stock a great variety of other products and gifts, ranging from candles, jams, honey, flour, cooking utensils and cook books, to garden implements, walkers' maps and greetings cards.

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