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All our Roses are supplied by David Austin Roses who have been breeding old style roses for fifty years. Their English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat flowering characteristics of modern roses. They require no special pruning and have much-improved disease resistance than their older relatives.

'Malvern Hills'Most varieties of Shrub Roses can simply be grown as a bush with minimum pruning; the smaller varieties will end up in the region of 3ft x 3ft x 3ft when mature, while some varieties are naturally larger, needing two or even three times as much space to thrive.

Climbing Roses are ideal for training on a wall, large fence or trellis. They are generally repeat flowering and can spread up to 10ft from their planting position and will usually need supporting with wires and ties.

Rambling Roses are generally more vigorous than climbers and tend to flower once, and therefore don't need deadheading and some will produce a crop of hips. Take care to select the right height for your garden needs as they can vary in size from around 10ft in height to over 30ft.

All these types of roses offer superbly fragrant flowers in a wide variety of different colours.

Several mature specimens can be seen growing in our garden at The Herb Farm. Each winter we buy a selection of the best varieties available from David Austin; a selection of our roses are shown below but unfortunately we cannot guarantee which varieties will be available in any particular season.

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