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"Follow the curved beech hedge paths, travelling to the “eyes” of the Saxon sea creatures and discover four of the sacred Saxon Herbs, before climbing the central tump from which you can view the entire maze."

This large, beech-hedge maze was created in 1991 by leading maze maker Adrian Fisher for The Year of the Maze. Adrian, author of best-selling 'Secrets of the Maze', is internationally recognized as the world’s leading maze designer. For over 21 years, he has had the extraordinary vocation of designing and creating unique and beautiful puzzle mazes all over the world.

Our Saxon Maze was one of the many new mazes opened to the public during 1991, and it is appropriate that our maze should link directly with the Saxon period, a time when herbs were held in high esteem. The Saxon period gave rise to numerous mythical creatures and one of these became the inspiration for the maze at the Herb Farm.

The intriguing design is based on the shape of a Saxon sea creature, widely found in the artwork of the period. In fact, four of them were interconnected creating a geometrical pattern which was used to complete the maze, and this can be seen in the diagram on the left. The shapes of the creatures are recreated in the lines of beech hedging, forming an intricate and interesting maze.

The nature of the design means that there are very few straight lines in the maze, and the maze has over a mile of curving grass pathways, leading to a central tump from where the whole maze can be viewed! The maze is also surrounded by earth ramparts, enclosing the whole area.

Since it was first established, the Saxon Maze has proved to be an exciting and unusual experience for many of the families that have visited The Herb Farm during the summer months.

However, it is currently undergoing regeneration work to improve the quality of the planting and while it can be viewed, it will not be back to its former glory for a couple of years,

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