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Christmas Trees

A selection of Nordmann Fir Non Drop Needle Christmas Trees are now available. 

The Christmas Trees were very popular last year and we sold out quicker than expected. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Trees 2.jpg

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Our Nordmann Fir Non Drop needle christmas trees are perfect for brightening that dark corner with the look and smell you only get with a fresh cut christmas tree. These trees if looked after correctly will last the whole season and with minimal needle dropping.

Christmas Tree Sizes

This year we will be stocking 7 main sizes:

3/4ft Trees - Red Label

4/5ft Trees - Green Label

5/6ft Trees - Blue Label

6/7ft Trees - White Label

7/8ft Trees - Orange Label

Once they are gone, they are gone, so be quick to ensure you get your tree. 

For this year we will be getting a small supply of the below available for pre order:

8/9ft Trees

9/10ft Trees

If you wish to pre order the above two sizes please ring the shop on 0118 972 4220.

Trees 3.jpg
Trees 1.jpg

Tree Care

Follow these tips to ensure your tree lasts well into the festive season:

  • Un-net your tree as soon as possible. This ensures the branches can settle and air circulation keeps the tree cool.

  • Saw off approx. 2.5cm from the base, to open the tree for efficient water absorption.

  • Keep the tree outside in a shady spot until ready to bring inside.

  • Once inside keep away from fires etc. and remember to keep topping up the tree stand with water. They drink a surprising amount of water.

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